A blog with writings by Lindsay Cox about the Glitch in visual media including most of a Research Thesis presented to RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia in 2009. In addition to his own practice as an independent animator as a community artist he has facilitated many animation, short film and live performance projects with diverse community groups of all ages. Lindsay pursues an interest in ephemeral imagery, animation and digital storytelling for display and broadcast in the public environment through work such as vj at music events, public video projects and installations as well as works produced specifically for television. As an animator working in a mixture of traditional and new techniques he has had work broadcast on the Comedy Channel, Channel 31, SBS TV, ABC2 TV and SBS and ABC websites as well as North American TV. He worked as Props and Set construction/Animation assistant on the Adam Elliot stop motion feature film ‘Mary & Max’ (2009). He is currently working at Footscray Community Arts Centre in the ‘Artlife’ program’ working with People with disabilities to create a surreal comedy TV series pilot that employs animation, live action and composited video.

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